Information on processing of personal data for recruitment

By sending your application to S2Innovation Sp. z o. o. [ltd.], Kraków, Podole 60 Street (The Employer, The Data Administrator) you agree that The Employer/The Data Administrator will process your personal data included in the application for the recruitment process as stated in an announcement.

In the recruitment process we are supported by a partner which is located in EU and is obliged to follow EU General Data Protection Regulation as we are. In the process you may be asked to agree that your recruitment related data will be processed by this partner. In such a case your agreement will be needed for your continuation in the recruitment.

If you have any consideration or request about your personal data, for example to ask us to stop its processing please contact us via email stating your request.

Your personal data as stated in Polish Low related to employment are processed according to this law and are required for your application being considered valid. Other data (like photo) if included are processed according to your voluntary agreement implied by sending them. However, those data are not necessary for the recruitment process.

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